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Location - Thames Ditton, Elmbridge Borough

Value - £1m > £1.5m 

Date - 2019 - Ongoing 


Set on a former Mechanics yard in Thames Ditton Surrey, This new-build development comprises of 8 new units. With a unique local context comprising of  well maintained Art deco maisonettes (to the immediate right) and large single family Surrey homes within close proximity and a 1960 modernist private estate to the rear. The challenge was creating an architectural language that fit Elmbridge's local plan and the local character of Thames Ditton. 

The design takes cues from pre-war Art Deco design and reflects this through the use of metal windows, juliette balconies and brick detailing to create a modern development with historic references. 

In addition to the external treatment, KSA's challenge of optimizing the internal arrangements was aided by several layout studies (shown in the above images) which aimed to create a free flowing plan that maximized natural light with all living spaces having a double aspect from East to West. 

KSA is providing a full architectural service for this project - which is ongoing and expected to be completed by Summer of 2020. 


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