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Location – Croydon

Value - Undisclosed

Date – 2020 >


Embrace Studios is a concept to create affordable localised housing models that are centred in and around Central and Northern Croydon High streets ( South Norwood , Thornton Heath ,Norbury  Broad Green ) that incorporate flexible workspaces and community hubs with a duplex artists live work studios above.

These specific areas represent the most urbanised and diverse communities in Croydon and differ in their context from the leafier more suburban sites in South Croydon.


What areas like West Croydon , Thornton Heath , Norwood and Norbury High Streets have in common  is that they often lack continuity and anchors , there are often many boarded up shops and an over emphasis on one type of offer ( hair salons or chicken shops ).


The Creation of small – medium sized duplex apartments that are housed directly above flexible workspaces and studios separated by mini-courtyards which become areas of interaction / performance and inspiration which will greatly enhance the appearance and function of these North Croydon High streets.

The architecture and palette of Embrace studios is a Homage to the Modern brutalist architecture but with a softer more honest materiality , allowing the spaces to be populated and adapted by its residents.

With an emphasis on Locality, Embrace studios aims to reduce its inhabitants ecological footprint by providing work environments close to home, Each duplex will be centred around well insulated , naturally ventilated and naturally lit studios that meet the highest sustainability standards and that will provide safe havens and creative references for its inhabitants and the wider community.

The community has to “see itself” or references of itself in the building for true engagement to occur. Embrace studios aims to partner with well established and recognisable local business ( such as Nexus / coffee shotter – shown in the visuals )


Embrace CR0 Brutalism + Embrace CR0 Culture + Embrace CR0 Icons = Embrace Studios

Embrace Studios

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