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Location - Croydon, South London 

Value - £75K > £100K 

Date - 2016 > 17


The South London Based events company Cellar Door engaged KSA very early on in their Business Plan 

phase whilst looking for investment and potential locations for a coffee shop/flexible work space. 

KSA produced sketch layouts and concept images to help the company successfully achieve funding and worked with the company in their search for a location - a former Chinese buffet restaurant.

This challenging and tapering site had vast underutilized ceiling voids filled with the substantial ducting needed for the restaurant. These voids presented the opportunity for mezzanine and double height ceiling spaces that could visually connect the whole scheme and enhance the customer experience.

The architectural interventions successfully separate the commercial coffee shop and the private workspace with the use of transparent barriers and changes in ceiling heights. The existing brick party walls were stripped back and celebrated in their original form with low level contrasting MDF panels as a backdrop to the workspace area. Even with a constrained budget the clients were able to successfully achieve a scheme very close to the original design concept.

KSA was involved in the project from RIBA stages 0-4 (concept to construction drawings stages).


The coffee shop does brilliant Ethiopian coffee and vegan food and is a must when ever you are in Croydon.


Nexus Co-Working  

/ Coffee Shotter 

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