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Location – London Location – To be confirmed

Value - £150k > £250K

Date – 2020 >


The Plan C Foundation , founded by Craig Dyer is a organisation helping individuals released from prison without understanding all the opportunities that exist to become successful and fulfilled members of society.


Plan C foundation approached KSA in the summer of 2020 to look at concepts of turning abandoned and disused buildings ( pubs , former club-houses , old car mechanics etc ) into flexible workshops for reformed prisoners. These workshops would act as skill-centres for users to build their qualifications and expertise in subjects such as music production , graphics , arts and computer programming .


For this concept , KSA looked specifically at a disused pub in Bromley, using the main bar area as a reception / flexible workspace with studios and workshops on the perimeter , and utilising the beer garden as outdoor sensory space.


KSA is currently working on this project and is involved in the project from RIBA stages 0-1 (feasibility  to concept design stages).

Plan C

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