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Location – Surrey Hills

Value - Undisclosed

Date – 2020 >


This large rural property with stunning views over the South Downs is within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and sits within the Greenbelt , therefore the proposed architectural interventions will have to be considered, contextual and well designed as a minimum requirement due to the complex nature of the planning process within this location.


This ongoing project looks at a series of secondary and peripheral buildings such as a new pool houses , an infinity pool and associated spa facilities , and opening up historic pathways and routes across the site for better vehicular and user access . All the designs aim to preserve and enhance the historic and grand character of the existing main house.


KSA is working with Kate Jackson Planning Consultants on the various stages of Pre Application , Certificates of Lawfulness and full planning applications and is involved in the project from RIBA stages 0-5 (concept to construction stages).

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