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Location - South Norwood, London 

Value - £150K > £200K 

Date - 2018 - Ongoing 


South Norwood has seen a recent revival in development since the arrival of the Transport for London Overground line. In 2018 KSA was engaged to produce designs for a new-build property on the garden of an end of terrace Victorian home. The site sits on the corner of a T-junction and is blessed with a uninterrupted south-west outlook which became one of the key design concepts for the new proposal.

The challenge in this project was creating a home for a modern Londoner in a constrained ever diminishing floor plate, that retained a high level of privacy but also profited from the natural light and south facing aspect.

Several design studies were explored and tested with the client and the local council (Croydon) before the current 2 storey pitched roof proposal with a rear single storey annex was submitted for planning approval. This design takes its cues from the Victorian brick workers houses that surround it, with London Stock being replaced with contemporary buff brickwork, and timber sash windows being replaced by large aluminium casements and sliding doors to maximize light and ventilation.

KSA is involved in the project from RIBA stages 0-5 (concept to construction).


Crowther Road

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