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Competition entry for AJ / Crown Estates Future Office Competition 

Value - N/A

Date - 2016



Bid Space
The Year is 2025
The UK is finally emerging from the “Great Crash of 2022” and the war for talent is at an all time high. The Creative Sector is at the heart of the recovery, driving Britain forward into the new Post Corporate Society with new ideas on both the micro and macro side.


Bid Space has emerged as talented companies bid for work and trade in this open public forum, where new ideas and new inventions are explained and presented to prospective investors and collaborators in the flesh and broadcast onto the worldwide web through the Bid Space app.

Society has returned to the core market principals of bartering and trade face to face, where local-ism and the “human touch” are celebrated and users and investors vote with their Sterling. Companies have the chance to test their innovations and inventions on the local public, getting instant feedback and comment.
Water, light, plants and open air are visible from every viewpoint within Bid Space and are essential as workers crave inspiration through nature. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ( the new 3 day weekend ) the Bid Space forum turns into a community out-reach square, with farmer’s markets and Street gyms.

The Bid Space prototype creates inspirational working environments with innovation, ideas and collaboration at its core.

Bid Space


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